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About Us

Who is Steve Peck?

Steve Peck is an enthusiastic bird photographer and avid "twitcher" who has been birding all his life. Born in the UK but moved to South Africa over 10 years ago, he has birded all over the Western Cape and specifically the Overberg region before settling in the Wheatbelt area in the sleepy town of Napier.

Overberg Wheatbelt Region

This area of the Overberg is a place full of iconic South African birds. 

Little Brown Jobs are in abundance along the dirt roads criss-crossing the farmlands, from Larks, Pipits, Cisticolas to the endemic Agulhas Long-billed Lark all make their home here.

South Africa's national bird the Blue Crane can be seen all year around here, feeding in the wheatfields next to Denhams Bustards, Spur-winged Geese and even the Karoo Korhaan if you are lucky!

A dozen or more different raptors have been sighted, from the Steppe and Jackal Buzzards, Lanner and Peregrine Falcons to the majestic Secretary bird and African Fish and Martial Eagles.

Always around are the African Stonechats, Red-capped larks, Capped Wheatear, Red & Yellow Bishops, Pied Starlings and Helmeted Guineafowl.

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Napier Birding

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